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Quantum Batteries

The Quantum QB1+ Portable, Rechargeable Battery

Reliable, economical, portable flash power.
Provides the same low-voltage, regulated power as the batteries in your flash.

Shoot longer, faster and with more confidence.
The QB1+ Battery typically provide 5 times the power of disposable batteries, with consistently fast recycling for flash.

Rechargeable Quantum batteries can be used hundreds of times.
Save huge amounts of money compared to throw-away batteries, and minimize batteries in the trash.

Power hundreds of types of professional photo equipment.
Quantum provides an extensive selection of cables for flash and/or digital cameras.

Quantum's "fuel gauge" displays remaining power.
Their brightly lit "fuel gauge", letting you know when to recharge. Never again miss a shot waiting for your flash to recycle, or while looking for another set of "AA" batteries!

The technology in Quantum Batteries eliminates the "memory" problem associated with other rechargeable batteries.
You can "top off" your Quantum Batteries at any time, or give a quick charge for a few more shots.




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