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Wireless Controls

Quantum Radio Wireless TTL for multi-flash, photographic lighting

Quantum's wireless TTL systems let you mix Quantum Qflash with Nikon and Canon shoe-mounts for multi-flash lighting.  Set lighting ratios controlled by your camera’s TTL exposure and set offset ratios right from your camera position.....reliably, wirelessly, up to hundreds of feet away.  

FreeXwire Radio Wireless TTL is built into Qflash TRIO.  Mounted into a hot shoe it sends QTTL signals from your camera to remote flash.  If the remote flash is a TRIO also, its built-in FreeXwire radio receives the camera TTL control. 

To send FreeXwire QTTL without a flash, a Qflash PILOT controls three remote zones of flash, sending radio TTL and offsets to remotes with the ability to change modes and exposures of remote flashes right from the control panel.  [photo 1]

New!  For a more basic shoe-mount FreeXwire controller that’s fast and simple to master, the Co-Pilot features 3 Zone controls that can be set in a split second for lighting flexibility on the fly.  [photo 2]

If the remote is a Qflash T5dR, simply clip on an FW7Q Receiver to have it controlled remotely.  Qflash TRIOs have built-in receivers.  [photo 3]

If the remote is a Nikon or Canon flash, connect a Qlink and FW8R Receiver to let the on-camera TRIO, PILOT, or CoPilot send the camera TTL exposure.  The FreeXwire radio link out-distances and out-performs the line-of-sight IR light beam systems of shoe-mount flash that are prone to blocking. [photo 4 in Overview]

Link Qflash to your Canon/Nikon IR light beam wireless TTL

Integrate Qlfashes with the equipment you already own for more lighting zap.

Let’s say you work with a shoe-mount IR wireless system and you need a Qflash for some extra lighting power.  Our Qnexus snaps onto a Qflash T5dR (or X5dr) and receives native Canon or Nikon TTL wireless signals.  Now you can set your lighting ratios from the camera for remote  Canon, Nikon, and Qflash units, together.

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