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CoPilot - Qflash Conversion Offer

Free QFT5dR, QFX5dR Firmware Updates and Special Pricing on QFT4, QFX4 and QFT5d, QFX5d Conversions.


CoPilot: Native Wireless Control for Qflash, Trio and Omicron 3
Wireless QTTL Adapter with IR Auto-Focus Assist & Easy to Adjust Setting Dials

Trigger and quickly adjust settings for up to 3 groups of radio controlled Qflash,
right from your camera.

  Available in three models,
  • QF91C for use with Canon Cameras
  • QF91N for Nikon DSLR Cameras
  • QF91P for Panasonic Cameras
  • QF91S for Sony Cameras*.


*Please note: to facilitate proper functionality, a firmware update is required. As both the T5D-R and FW7Q will require this update, both devises will need to be returned to the factory for update. This update will be done free of charge (shipping not included) for a limited time. Proof of purchase of a CoPilot must be provided. This free T5D-R and FW7Q update is for firmware versions 2A and up. Earlier versions will be provided at a reduced rate. It is still possible to upgrade a T4D-R to the current version as well.

If you want to use CoPilot with your Qflash model QFT4, QFX4 or QFT5d, QFX5d you will need to convert your Qflash to the current models, QFT5dR and QFX5dR.

The cost of converting a QFT4, QFX4 to QFT5dR, QFX5dR is normally $189 with the purchase of a CoPilot the cost of the conversion is $125.

The cost of converting a QFT5d, QFX5d to QFT5dR, QFX5dR is normally $114 with the  purchase of a CoPilot the cost of the conversion is $75.



This is a great opportunity to bring your older equipment up to date.

*QFT5dR and QFX5dR with firmware version 02A are compatible with CoPilot, but only include settings for Remote Groups 1 & 2. Owners of QFT5DR and QFX5dR with firmware version 02A or earlier are welcome to send their unit in for a free firmware update which will enable your unit to be used in "Remote Group 3."

 All previous versions of the Qflashes not listed above are beyond their service life and are no longer supported.

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