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Keith Cephus

Qflash user Keith Cephus shot this portrait of 2x Olympic Gold Medalist Gabby Douglas for the back cover of her new book “Raising the Bar”

The image was achieved using two Quantum Trios and a Pilot.

Instead of using bulky strobes, I decided to go with the more mobile Quantums because of their beautiful light, flexibility and mobility.

Shooting an extraordinary athlete such as Gabby Douglas, my lighting had to be accurate and right on point.

 The front strobe was set at auto fill, giving me just amount of quality light to fill in the shadows while not overpowering the background.

My assistant Marco used an additional trio at qttl to light the hair and create separation from the background.


With the flexibility of the pilot on camera, I was able to maneuver from qttl to autofill on the background to get the best possible lighting combination. Quantum Turbo 3 and 2x2’s were used to power the trios to give us amazing recycling time.





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