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Clay Blackmore

Clay Blackmore

Clay Blackmore

Ready, Fire, Aim!

In today's fast shift from film to digital, the time for multiple lighting has never been more important. I have noticed that the best pictures in my portfolio are the ones where the lights are coming from off camera, and usually from above and behind the subjects.

In the picture of the bride with her arms out stretched, (we affectionately call this image the flying V), it is certainly evident that the intensity of the room lights create the three dimensional look that gives the photo depth and impact. And with Quantum's new Turbo AC we now have consistent output all night long. It's not just the candid images either. We are using the flashes in a back 45 degree position on our portraits and family groups.

My typical set-up is a Canon 5D, or now the Mark III, with the 580 flash on the camera. Using the FreeXwire for remote firing we typically add 3 to 4 QFlashes to the equation. One near the camera in a 45 degree position to shape the face. The other 2 or 3 from behind the subject to shape and separate the subject from the background.

Qflash gives me very consistent light output, plus my Qflashes are positioned before the reception begins, making sure that I get even lighting throughout...thus, Ready, Fire Aim!

Clay Blackmore

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