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Bob Davis

Bob Davis

Bob Davis

Love, marriage and a little fireworks keep the spark of romance alive.

This image is from a wedding celebration in Punta Mita, Mexico. I knew there would be a fireworks display during the first dance. I always use a second remote to add depth to a usually dark environment. This was an outdoor reception with the black ocean for a backdrop with only candlelight on the tables. I used the Quantum Qflash T5d-R, with the Qnexus adapter set to receive the dedicated signal from my Canon 580EX. The Qnexus gives me dedicated wireless TTL control over the remote T5d-R flash. The Qflash was placed on a light stand to the camera left about 15 feet with the Qnexus sensor aimed toward the camera. Strobes were used to accent the image. I used a Canon 5D with a 24mm f/1.4 lens shot RAW at ISO 800, 1/8th of a second @ f/1.4 hand held. I choose the slow shutter speed to capture the explosion of the fireworks and to allow for motion blur of the bride & groom to convey them dancing.

My goal was an image that had the same WOW effect as their first dance accompanied by the awesome fire works display. I used the remote light for most of the reception to give my images depth that cannot be achieved by using a single strobe. Qflash offers great creative control, is great on location, travel's well and works seamlessly with my Canon system. I can't imagine going on assignment without Qnexus and Qflash.

Bob Davis

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