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Michael Gilbert

Michael Gilbert


Michael Gilbert

Taos Pueblo is the only North American Native community which has been continuously inhabited for more then a thousand years. "That's what the picture needed to say."

Camera was a E series Olympus with a 11 to 22 mm zoom lens, a fantastic, very sharp lens and a Quantum Bare Bulb Qflash.

I feel one of the most overlooked and least understood lighting technique is outdoor bare bulb in full sunlight. It adds a fantastic sharp slice of foreground that makes your image look as close to 3D as possible. As photography is primarily a two dimensional arena, lighting is the brush that makes your pictures stand out.

My approach is to meter for the background and sky. I use that F/stop for my aperture. Usually around F/16 to 22. My distance with the flash is then calculated at the highest sync speed I can get and I balance it at a quarter to half a stop under the normal flash exposure for the face. In this way I do not destroy the natural lighting but fill in the gritty shadow tones. You have to make sure you do not let the flash overpower the natural light. Just a soft blend into it.

The final photo you see is a composite of two photos taken one right after the other. Both were shot with just enough bare bulb flash to bring out the shadow detail to make the end result "POP". Bare bulb is just a fantastic way to make your pictures stand out and shout. And the folks at Quantum make it so easy. They truly are a company that listen to the photographers needs and supply a product that just screams of quality and ease of use.

Michael Gilbert
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