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Allan Rosen-Ducat

Allan Rosen-Ducat

Allan Rosen-Ducat
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In the last couple of years I have started shooting events with large number of attendees.

This meant that my shot numbers increased and my Nikon speed lights just weren't making the grade. I was hitting the wall with the speed lights in the areas of recycle times as well as quality of light.

For a recent event I decided to test out the Quantum D22WR for Nikon and a T5DR strobe powered by a Quantum Turbo SC battery Pack. The T5 had a Light Box diffuser and was mounted about ten inches above my camera.

The setup worked perfectly, the cycle time was fast, the color balance of the strobe was dead on and the quality of the light was superb.

Thank you Quantum.

Allan Rosen-Ducat

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