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Jerry Small

Jerry Small

Jerry Small

This image was created as part of a photo session for a girl's Bat Mitzvah. The father is an avid car collector and insisted on having a picture of the family with his newest toy. Unfortunately, there was a typical suburban neighborhood to contend with, such as trees, trash cans, houses and traffic. The goal was to create an image that captured the car, in all it's glory, as well as the family, while minimizing the distractions and not getting run over in the process!

To add to the pressure, it was October and the women were complaining of the cold. So we literally had less than 5 minutes to create the shot. The image was captured using a Nikon D1X, three Quantum Q-Flash T4d's, all triggered by FreeXWire Radios. The Q-Flashes each had one diffusion panel and were used to fill in the daylight exposure and kill shadows. In order to do this without creating speculars all over the car, two remote Q-Flash units were placed at extreme angles to the car. The third flash was on-camera and was tilted up toward the subjects to act as a center fill light, without reflecting off the car. The portability of the Q-Flash and the wireless freedom of the FreeXwires make working in a hurry on location a breeze. Impact was added to the picture in post-production, using Adobe Photoshop to blur the background and turn the image to black and white. The car was kept in color to increase it's impact and turn the image into a real conversation piece.

Camera: Nikon D1X
Lens: 24-85 zoom @ 34mm
Exposure: 1/15th sec. @ f/8
ISO: 160

Jerry Small

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