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Turbo Batteries

Quantum TURBO Power Packs

Professional photographers rely on Quantum’s TURBO BATTERIES
  Unsurpassed Reliability, Speed and Capacity,
    Recycle Faster and Shoot Longer
     1000’s of flashes on a charge.

Fast Recycling: as fast as 1.0 seconds at full power for many popular shoe-mounted flashes.  Shoot 3 or more frames per second with the flash in automatic or TTL mode at moderate distances.

High Capacity – Non-Stop-Flash© --  up to 1050 full-power flashes, and literally thousand of flashes in in automatic or TTL mode.

*Power for DSLR Video:  The high power needs of digital recording require long lasting portable power.

Rechargeable:   Save huge amounts of money compared with throw-away batteries, and minimize batteries in the trash.

Power packs you’ll use for a long time:  Turbos power popular shoe-mounted and handle-mounted flashes, as well as Quantum's line of Qflashes.  Quantum continually expands its extensive selection of cables for the latest flash and digital cameras.

Styled to suit you:  Turbos may be carried on a belt clip or shoulder strap, clamped to a light stand, or screwed into the bottom of a camera.  Pick the model that suits your preference.

Never miss a shot: No waiting for your flash to recycle or searching for another set of “AA” batteries.  Quantum’s signature LED battery fuel gauge” let’s you know when to recharge. Turbo technology eliminates the "memory" problem associated with other rechargeable packs, so you can top off your charge anytime.

Support:  30 years of experience making flash power packs backed up by our outstanding service.


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