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Connect Qflash to Canon/Nikon IR light beam wireless TTL.

Expand the power and reliability of multi-flash TTL setups. Use remote Quantum Qflash with your Canon or Nikon speedlights.

QNexus links Quantum Qflash T5 or X5 o the wireless TTL systems of Canon and Nikon. QNexus "reads" the Canon or Nikon wireless infrared (IR), signals to command Qflash in manual, automatic, TTL, and TTL-Ratio.

Use any number of dedicated Qflash 5d-R's or X5d-R's as remotes, controlled totally from your camera's master flash menu. QNexus supports all Canon and Nikon wireless flash functions from as far away as 100-200 feet (a 50% improvement).   

Each Qflash equipped with QNexus gives you an additional 150 watt-seconds (with Qflash T5d-R), and up to 400 watt-seconds (with X5d-R) of beautiful, studio-quality lighting to dramatically expand your creative options. (Camera manufacturer's flash is typically 50 watt-seconds).

For example: make a great portable portrait setup by using a Qflash in a softbox , or umbrella as your key light, and use your Canon or Nikon flash for fill. For those tricky large group photos, use multiple Qflashes for more lighting power, all controlled by a Canon or Nikon on-camera master flash. You can even mix remote Canon/Nikon flashes with remote Qflashes.

Escape from the limited power of your camera manufacturer's shoe-mount flashes! Get Qflash power, light quality and seamless integration with your Canon or Nikon wireless flash systems. Shoot all day, as rapidly as you want. Qflash heavy-duty components will not overheat or worse!


Channel Dial Works with Canon or Nikon master flash channel
selection. Set any one of four channels (1-4) on the QNexus to the same channel on the master flash. Requires no batteries or cables

Set for either Canon or Nikon wireless systems.  An indicator displays the system set to, and shows when a wireless infrared TTL signal is received.


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