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Albert T. Parker

Albert T. Parker

Albert T. Parker

Al Parker of Park West Photography in Arizona is a leading photographer of ballroom dance competitions.  Recently he called to let us know how much he appreciates his Quantum equipment. He wanted to get a better quality light as well as greater light output than his Speedlights.

Al started using our Qflashes in January of 2004, beginning with the T4d model. As time progressed, he had them upgraded to the T5d and then to the T5d-R models. He purchased the Trio model and started using it as his on-camera light with off camera T5d-R remotes in mid-March , 2010.

He called us on July 5th of that year to let us know he just finished shooting for 4 straight months and popped around 311,800 flashes on the Trio.  Al called again this January 2011 to let us know that he has shot around 643,000 shots since March 2010 with that Trio and a second one he purchased and is still using the original flash tubes.

Al is a graduate of the renowned Brooks Institute and has done commercial photography as well as portraiture during his career. He is currently traveling the country taking both performance photos as well as posed publicity photos of dance partners at regional and national competitions.

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