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OMICRON 4 LED Ring Light

Electronically Variable Color Temperature

Adjust color temperature from 2500-6500°K... electronically. No gels required.

Output level remains constant while adjusting color temperature. Save and recall up to 8 temp. settings.  


Adjustable power level 0-100%
60° wide angle for soft light.

  Multiple Uses:
  • High Fashion look
  • Macro Photographr
  • Architectural interiors


Chromatically Correct™ LED Lighting
For more accurate color rendition

The Omicron 4 LED array includes colored LEDs calibrated to fill the color spectrum gaps found in white only LED lights.

The resulting color rendition is more accurate and will be maintained as you vary color temperature across the OM4's 2500-6500°K range.


Adjustable Power Output 0-100%
Color Temperature 2500-6500°K
Save up to 8 program settings.


Professional LED Video Light OMICRON 4

Electronically variable 2500-6500°K Color Temp
Chromatically Correct™ LEDs
Ring Light or mount off-camera
Soft 60° portable lighting

OMICRON 4... true color rendition LED illumination
For HDSLRs, Video, and Mirrorless Cameras
Video and Still Images

White only LED sources leave gaps in their color output resulting in illumination that is not truly full spectrum. This often results in unnatural color rendition, irrespective of lighting color temperature.

Omicron 4 adds colored LEDs to fill the missing color gaps characteristic of white LEDs. The amount of color correction is calibrated as you vary Omicron’s color temperature throughout its range of 2500-6500°K. We call this feature Chromatically Correct LED lighting.
Omicron’s panel displays and lets you set dimming level (100 - 0%), color temperature, and pre-sets. Pre-sets store color temperature and lighting levels for quick retrieval at a later time.

OMICRON 4 features

  • Multiple uses:
      High Fashion look
      Unparalleled illumination for close ups:
          flowers, insects, stamps, coins, jewelry, watches, food
      Portraits, video interviews, product demos
      Interiors for decorators, real estate sales, architecture
  • Dimmable from 100% to 0% providing a flicker free adjustable light source. A display shows the power setting.

  • Powered by multiple sources:
      AC adapter (included)
      QB8 Quantum Battery and accessory cable OM43
      V-mount battery and accessory cable OM41,
      Quantum Turbo 3 battery with an OM43 power cable
  • Instant auto exposure tracking maintains illumination level on your subject as you move in and out, responds much faster than typical video cameras.

  • Superb illumination in tight quarters...
      Light weight & compact
     60° wide angle, diffused illumination
  • 3 mode display: Dimming, Color Temp, Pre-Sets.

  Mounting options:

Under Camera Mounting Bracket (QF29)

Video Rail Mounting Bracket (OM42)

Included with Omicron 4:
      USB for upgrades and updates
      AC Power Supply OM44

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