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Will Crockett: Hybrid Lighting with OMICRON

Imagine a lightweight, powerful, easy to use LED light source that is powered by your choice of long lasting Quantum Turbo battery packs.

Click on the "Video" tab below to see Will's series of videos introducing OMICRON and exploring the future of Hybrid photography.


TTL Flash and Auto-Tracking Video Light

Capture Still Images and Video...At The Same Time!

Easily take TTL flash photos while capturing video. Great for producing Fusion Videos your clients will love. Shoot video or flash in the midst of a video segment!

OMICRON 4 LED Ring Light

Electronically Variable Color Temperature

Adjust color temperature from 2500-6500°K... electronically. No gels required.

Output level remains constant while adjusting color temperature. Save and recall up to 8 temp. settings.


NEW Compact LED Ring Lights from Quantum

OMICRON 3 is both a Flash and Constant on Video Light. Use OM3 with the affordable CoPilot for TTL with Canon or Nikon cameras.

OMICRON 4 is a dedicated Constant On Video Light, with more power and electronically variable color temperature.

Chromatically Correct™: Both OM3 & OM4 are built around a Chromatically Correct™ LED array, carefully engineered to fill the gaps found in all white LED lights. They deliver the true, bright colors you expect from Quantum.

Auto-Tracking Video Light: Both OM3 & OM4 keep your subject evenly lit by automatically adjusting video light output as you dolly.

Flicker Free Video Light: Dimmable From 100% to 5%.

OMICRON 3 - The ability to switch quickly from Flash to Video and back again makes OMICRON 3 perfect for capturing material for Fusion Videos.

Use OM3 in Video Mode for 60° of soft 5000°K light. Trigger OM3 in Flash Mode with a PC sync or use a TTL Extension cable and an affordable CoPilot to shoot TTL flash with Canon, Nikon or Panasonic / Olympus DSLR cameras.

CoPlilotis much more than just a TTL adapter for OM3. It is also a Wireless control for up to 3 remote Quantum Flashes. Available for Canon, Nikon, or Panasonic / Olympus

Click here for more on the OMICRON 3

OMICRON 4 - Video Light with Adjustable Color Temperature:
2500 - 6500°K and no gels to change!

Eight User Defined Presets- Store up to 8 power & color temperature settings for fast retrieval when needed.

3 Mode LED Display- The multi function display shows output level, color temperature and your eight user defined presets.

Click here for more on the OMICRON 4

OM42 Rail Mount Bracket
$150 Rebate Offer

LED Ring Light
QF29 Under Camera / Tripod Bracket
OM42 Rail Mounting Bracket

Between March 1, 2013 and May 31, 2013

Click here to download a rebate form

QF29 Under Camera
and Tripod Mounting Bracket

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