What is a Quantum Omicron?
Imagine a lightweight, powerful, easy to use LED light source that is powered by your choice of long lasting Quantum Turbo battery packs.

The Omicron uses chromatically correct color LED sets to produce world-class color for today's photo, video, and hybrid photographers.
OM3 or OM4? Choosing the right one for you.
There are two different Omicrons in the Quantum lineup. Both kinda look the same, both are lightweight, both have a diffusion panel mounted on the front, and both have a super simple single control knob for adjusting the broadcast quality LED light, but there's where the similarities end. One offers continuous light and flash that works in manual mode as well as the QTTL exposure modes...
Why is the Omicron so perfect for Hybrid Photography?
Some people see the Quantum Omicron as "just a ringlight", but photographer Will Crockett is using it for lots more. In this video you can see Will's three reasons why a pro image maker would choose the small, lightweight, LED Omicron for a main light, background light, and what could be the perfect fill light for photo and video.
Power Options for Your Omicron.
Both Omicrons can run on many of the Quantum Turbo power pack, and the Omicron 4 comes with an AC power supply, but the latest power packs really will give you best runtimes for this LED ringlight. In this video, hybrid photographer Will Crockett shares some tips on how he shoots the Omicrons using some of his "legacy" packs that he's used for years, and why he likes the new Battery 8 for his recent assignments.
Cool Features of the Omicron.
The Quantum Omicron LED ringlight is one of the finest quality hybrid lights money can buy and works just as well as a mainlight in a softbox as it does mounted to your camera as a punchy main light. This video shows a few of hybrid photographer Will Crockett's favorite features of this LED light from the firmware update port, the chromatically correct light output, to the auto-dimming feature and more.

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