Quantum Instruction Manual Page

To get the most from your Quantum product, we encourage you to read the instruction manual.

      If yours is not available, you can find it here.Get Acrobat Reader
      For specifications of Quantum products, please see our Product pages.
      The manuals in "PDF" format require the free Acrobat Reader.

Quantum Batteries:
Bantam Battery
Quantum Battery
Quantum Battery 1:
Serial Numbers 212133 - 223738
Serial Numbers 223739 - C807
Serial Numbers C808 - E764
Quantum Battery 1+:
Serial Numbers E808 thru L269
Serial Numbers L270 and after
Quantum Battery 1 Compact
Quantum Battery 2:
Serial Numbers with 6 digits
Serial Numbers A001 thru B796
Serial Numbers B797 and after
Quantum Battery 2R
Quantum Battery 3
Quantum Battery 4
Quantum Battery 5
Quantum Battery 5+
Quantum Ham Battery

Quantum QPAQ:
HB20 DC Plug Set
HB36, RA16 Automobile Fast/Charger
HBO Adapter
QB10 Charger / Adapter
QB11 Fast Charger
QB12 Cable
QB22 10 ft. Extension Cord
QB23 10 ft. Extension Cord
QB34, QB37, QT47 Fast Charger
QB35, QB36, QT46 Automobile Charger
QBC Pole Mount Clamp
RA0 Adapter
RA17 AC Adapter

Battery Cables and Modules:
A, B, BC, BN, BP, C, D, G, GC, H, K, M, MA2, MB2, MB5, MDC2, MDC5, ME, ME3, ME4, MF2, MF3, MG2, Mi, Mi5, MKE, MKZ, MKZ2, MKZ3, ML, MN2, MT90, MVi, MZ2, N, P, R, S, T, V, XA, XA2, XB, XB2, XB5, XBC, XBN, XBP, XE, XE3, XE4, XF2, XF3, XG, XG2, XGC, Xi, Xi5, XK6, XKE, XKZ, XKZ2, XKZ3, XT, XVi, XZ, XZ2, Z

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