Quantum Instruction Manual Page

To get the most from your Quantum product, we encourage you to read the instruction manual.

      If yours is not available, you can find it here.Get Acrobat Reader
      For specifications of Quantum products, please see our Product pages.
      The manuals in "PDF" format require the free Acrobat Reader.

To check what firmware version is installed on your Qflash T or X models:

    1. Turn Turbo or Qpaq OFF. Connect Qflash to Turbo or Qpaq.
    2. Press and hold any button (except the Test button) on the Qflash.
    3. Turn Turbo or Qpaq ON while holding button.
    4. The Qflash will display a reset message and the version number.
    5. To return to the regular menu without resetting the Qflash, press any button except the mode button
    or wait approximately 4 seconds and the Qflash will return to the previous menu.

Qflash TRIO English
Qflash Model T
Qflash Model X
Qflash T2 / X2
Qflash T2D/X2D
T2D/X2D Digital Features
Qflash T2D Addendum
Qflash T3d-R/X3d-R
Qflash T4D/X4D
Qflash T5D supplement
Qflash T5d-R/X5d-R
Notice to users of the Nikon D80 camera.

TTL Adaptors:
Qflash TTL Adapter

QTTL Adaptors:
D10W, D12W, D13W, D19W
D10W, D12W, D13W, D19W Addendum
D12WR, D13WR, D22WR, D23WR
D12WR Notice to users of the Nikon D80.

Connect Radio Slave to Qflash/TTL setup
Qflash PILOT: English
QF21 Qflash Remote Sensor
QF36T / QF36X Qflash Remote Head
QT48 / QT58 Dual Output Connector
Important - QT48 First Time Users
QF52 Qflash "Y" Connector
QF62G / QF62S Bare Bulb Enhancer
QF63 Tele Reflector
QF64 Diffuser Kit
QF65 Clear UV Filter Kit
QF66 Color Gel Pack
QF67 Wide Angle Diffuser Kit
QF70 Quick Release "L" Bracket
QF71 American Style Bracket
QF72 / 73 Qflash Multi Bracket
QF75 / 76 Octagon & Strip Softboxes

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