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Professional Portrait on Location
  Will uses a Trio, Qflash, and Nikon speedlight with the new QLINK to take a busy Doctors portrait. The power of the Quantum equipment give will studio quality lighing and the portability he need to get this shot.
Architectural & Unique Locations
  This location shoot starts on the street outside a popular Chicago radio station. Will uses a Pilot to control a remote Trio, inside the street level broadcast booth and a Qflash around the corner for dramatic effect.

  Next Will moves inside and sets his Trio to manual. He uses the Pilot to remotely tweak the Trio's power until the radio personality's portrait is lite just right.
Child Portrait - Outdoors
  Will uses Trio's high speed sync capabilities and a really cool mulitiple Qflash bracket to shoot in bright sunlight and capture some nice child protraits.
Action Shot with Rearcurtain Sync
  Will uses Qlash to freeze the action and rear curtain sync for motion effect to capture this image of a bicycle racer on the streets of Chicago.

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